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Can we develop the world so that people can survive without further damaging the environment?

Write what you think on this page.

I think that we should allow poorer coutries in the world to develop even though it will mean some damage to the environment-written by Mrs B.

I think that poorer countries should be allowed to develop and 1st world countries should completely stop making green house gases.

First world countries are donating millions of dollars and only giving them say a well or a chook or something like that that they can use to survive for say an extra day. The water the chook is drinking will kill it the water in the well is most likely diseaesd so why are give them chooks when they could spend the donated money on things like passports where they can get a job and make their own money.

I think that we should allow poorer countries to develop, because it all so can help it by reducing the amont of damage caused


I think that people should help poor countries but dont do any damage to the

enviroment.-written by Paige S.

I think that the world should live off pollution free power sources- by Jordan Hargreaves.

I think that you should try to help the poor countries but try to not damage the enviroment as much as you can so that it will help us develop and help the people that live in poverty so that not so many people will die from hunger.
by:kate darvell

I think that we should let them develop but we should help them and try not to harm the environment too much. By Emily Campbell