This is the 2006 wiki page for students in Years 5-8

This is the 2006 page. we will keep this page on our wiki even though it is outofdate because it has some good ideas and reflective practises that we may use again in the coming year.

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5-8 Pages
Our students in Year 7 & 8 IT class work from their blog that Mrs Baird and Mis Hodges manage.
We have one main blog and then each student has their own blog and you can see their blog from the Blogroll on the Year 7&8 blog
Year 7 students have also just tried creating their own wikis as a trial for next year.

Hi Year 7's
I would like you to go into the dicusssion tab on this page and add your wikispace url so that I can see it.
There are also instructions on our blog about some work to be completed for your digital portfolios.
Ta :)


Grade 5/6 Page Literacy Page

Go here for Ideas about Kahootz

Learning about the environment:
Go here to learn to find out what students in Grade 5/6 think about the world environment.